Take Care of Your Employees & They Will Take Care of You!

Getting a job is probably one of the biggest highs anybody gets in their lives! If you have landed one recently, you might still be caught up in the aura.

A job is not just a job! It’s the ticket to one’s aspirations and dreams. It is the hope of a better future for yourself and your family.

Employees give their time and in some cases their blood and sweat for companies. This helps organizations grow and, in some cases become behemoths in their respective fields.

Too often, it’s been said that customer is king! While that may be true but the reference is not just for the external customer. Employees are internal customers and are equally, if not more important.

In his parting shot, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos had admitted that the company needed to do a lot better for it’s employees. Wonder what took him so long to realize this?

There is a basic hack for productivity and while the one size fits all formula doesn’t hold good in every situation, companies need to do a few basic tweaks which will improve performance, bring in real work life balance, thereby creating better value for all.

Pay Well!

The basic idea of capitalism is profit, mostly at all costs! This has created dissent over a period of time with the working class in a constant state of discord with it.

Karl Marx was one of the champions of anti-capitalism and had predicted it’s doom quite some time back.

While things have gotten better in recent times, there is still a long way ahead.

While profit is the ultimate motive of any business, companies cannot forget that they need to be profitable in terms of human resources as well.

Employees are the cogs in the wheel and if they are not taken care of well, the complications will derail the entire machinery.

The motive when salary discussions and wage revisions are done should not be to coerce and make employees or prospective ones settle for the least possible option. If you have a budget and can afford to give more, give more!

I remember almost a decade ago when I applied to a new job and was subsequently hired, the hiring manager offered me more than I had quoted.

I was over the moon and the feeling within me was, I will do everything I can plus more in the role I had just been hired for. I worked there for nearly eight years and those were some of my best years in corporate life.

Adhere To Work Timings

Most companies have stipulated working hours depending on the industry they are in. It is not possible for any human to work round the clock.

Let’s take an unusual example of baking a cake. For the cake to come out right, you need to keep it in the oven at a set temperature for a given amount of time.

What would happen if you leave it in the oven for an extended period of time? No edible cake that day!

The above analogy holds true for the working class too. You cannot squeeze an employee of their last bit of energy, all throughout the day by asking them to work.

People are more than their work! If an ideal human sleeps eight hours a day and spends nine hours at work, that leaves him/her with precious few hours to do anything else. Nobody has the right to claim that.

While once in a while due to unavoidable circumstances, people may be asked to work paid overtime, it cannot be made the norm.

The developing world with the advent of outsourcing has to carefully tread the line. Most of them treat work life balance as a blur. This is pure exploitation and anybody saying otherwise is living in fool’s paradise!

In the pandemic era where work from home has become a routine affair, it is rare to see truly happy employees. The lot is stressed and are at the point of burning out but are forced to toe the line as they try to hold on to their jobs.

Give Importance To Health & Wellness

Companies with the exception of a few toss health and wellness concerns out the door. They simply do not care much! Numbers matter more for them. The existing structure is made to exempt them from any legal liability and that’s that!

Wellness programs are conducted and managers are given a target to ensure that everybody has to attend for headcount’s sake. This is now shown to clients and the outside world that the place is a humdinger!

The truth is that many employees abhor such forced interactions and would rather go back to their workstations, finish their tasks and head home.

Wellness has to be integrated into the daily ecosystem. To start things off, managers need to be sensitized to be more empathetic towards their subordinates.

The above step will remove the maximum possible stress in any workplace. As per well-known stats, more people leave a workplace because of their managers than for any other reason and that is saying something.

Guidance counsellors should be made accessible all through the day. While many offices have them nowadays, it’s been observed that employees are discouraged from consulting them during their working hours for the sake of productivity.

Encourage Inclusion & Diversity

Noticeable changes have been made in this direction in recent times, however a lot more needs to be done.

There are advertisements asking people of a particular gender, sexual orientation etc. to apply for certain positions. While the intention behind this is good, the execution is flawed.

All humans, irrespective of religion, race, caste, creed, color, gender or sexual orientation should be treated equally.

Encouragement doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to point and shoot.

By doing the above, people only breed more hatred and prejudiced behavior.

The solution is to sensitize the workplace and reward each employee basis their ability only and not by virtue of their appearance or school of thought.

Show A Growth Roadmap

The aspirations of every employee are the same as any organization. They all have a desire to grow and do well for themselves.

A lot of time and money is spent by companies to work on the future of their business model, but very little is done so for the employees.

“You grow, when the company grows!”, Many might have heard this from their leaders and managers. There is a fundamental flaw in this thought process.

The truth is, if you take care of your employees, they will take care of you! A company is not a single entity. It is the product of the time and hard work of every single person who works for it.

If people grow, the company will too and that is the right way to approach things.

The map to grow within any organization should be made succinct. Throwing in a bunch of complications with an even more complex interview structure is bound to demotivate people.

The roadmap to success should highlight the skills required for the next level. The necessary support and trainings should then be made available for all.

An interview which lasts an hour or less should not determine one’s growth trajectory. This nullifies years of hard work.

The employee goes back thinking, if the only criteria was to do well in an interview, what is the result they should expect for all the hard work they put in all this time?


Business done at the cost of employee welfare is neither ethical nor should it be encouraged.

The sole purpose of a business cannot just be to make profit. All big corporations of today started out as an idea in an individual’s mind, and that is to make a difference in this world.

Everybody gets misty eyed when they hear or come across an inspiring story. It’s time the top honchos of every corporation, big and small realize that they can make a difference to their lives and that of their respective companies, if they paid a little bit more attention towards the welfare of the people who have helped them grow.

Keep in mind that inspiring a person to achieve big things will reap better results than forcing or manipulating them into doing so.




Hi, I am Santosh Pappachan. I am a freelance writer, blogger, a proud pet parent and a loving husband (I hope my wife agrees on this).

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Santosh Pappachan

Santosh Pappachan

Hi, I am Santosh Pappachan. I am a freelance writer, blogger, a proud pet parent and a loving husband (I hope my wife agrees on this).

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